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Common Issues

Wrong Color Space
RGB and Pantone colors must be converted to CMYK prior to printing. Converting at print time may yield unexpected results.
Incorrect Size
Digital files must be built using the correct trim and bleed size. Please supply files at final size.
Art Too Close to Trim/No Bleed
Text and images that cannot be trimmed off must be a least .125" from the edge of your layout. Artwork meant to go to the edge of the printed material must extend to .125” bleed.
Low Resolution Images
CMYK and grayscale images must have a print resolution between 300 to 355 ppi (pixels per inch). Images with a resolution less than 300 ppi will reproduce poorly on press. Line art scan must be at least 600ppi at 100% to print properly.
Missing Fonts
Please supply all of the fonts used in your layout. If you do not supply fonts, you may be asked to resubmit or we may be forced to substitute them. If your program supports coverting fonts to curves, please convert them before submitting.
Unsupported Programs
We can only accept specific file types from specific professional graphic design applications. If your application is not supported, please provide a high-resolution CMYK PDF or EPS file with fonts converted to curves.
Corrupt Files
When files travel through the internet they can lose file type and creator information and become corrupt. Compressing your files converts them to binary. Binary files travel smoothly over the internet making it less likely they will become corrupt.
Missing Images
We must have all of the high-resolution images and graphics used in your layout to print your work. Please make sure to supply them when submitting your order. Omitting them will delay the proofing process.
Mismatched Blacks/Spot Colors
Please be sure that all of the black in your file have the same CMYK breakdown. Different blacks appear the same on the screen but will appear much differently when printed. Register Graphics recommends a bump black of 30C 100K be applied to any black patch greater than 1/2” square or black type greater than 18 points.
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