File Extension Ithmb

.ITHMB is a proprietary file format developed by Apple to be used only by iPods. When you save images in your Apple iPod, it makes small thumbnail images to denote the images, enabling you quickly recognize your pictures and photos you've saved in the iPod. When you click upon a thumbnail, the desired image is displayed for you.


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Usually, an .ITHMB file consists of 4 variants of the thumbnail image denoting a single image file in different sizes. The .ITHMB file offers you 25-color thumbnail images, saved in 16-bit uncompressed raw format, which usually increases the size of the .ITHMB files. The reason for saving .ITHMB files in uncompressed raw format might stem from the relatively low processing power of the Apple iPods, as compression and decompression of an image file happens to be a processor intensive operation, which can't be as easily supported by the Apple iPods. Also, a greater amount of processor operation goes for greater battery consumption, not a viable option for the iPod users.

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More Info Regarding File Extension Ithmb

Being a proprietary file format being used by Apple exclusively for the iPods, you can only preview an .ITHMB file via an Apple iPod. Even iTunes, the media application by Apple too doesn't support iPod-to-computer transfer of the photos and images, but there are some applications which let you extract the .ITHMB images upon your Windows PC or Apple Mac in a commonly supported image format.

For opening and converting you .ITHMB upon an Apple Mac, there many cool applications, and one of them is File Juicer. It easily opens and converts the .ITHMB thumbnail images saved upon an Apple iPod into lossless TIFF image files, preserving all the vital information saved within the .ITHMB file. But if your .ITHMB files have been saved upon an iPhone or iPod Touch, you might need to first do a jailbreak upon the device with QuickPwn. One you've done the jailbreak, you've to enable OpenSSH with Cydia, and then you can easily connect your iPhone or iPod Touch with your Apple Mac to copy the .ITHMB files and further convert them with File Juicer.

The file extension ithmb is not natively supported by the Windows operating system, but there is an application which helps you convert the .ITHMB files into the image file format of your choice. This application is Tansee iPod Transfer Photo, and saves the .ITHMB files into .BMP and .JPG files.

Even if you want to preview and extract an .ITHMB file upon your Windows based PC without using a third party application, there is a trick that might work for you. The trick is, connect your Apple iPod to your PC, and when Windows operating system displays a dialog box informing you a new device has been attached to the system, select the option saying "use Microsoft camera and scanner wizard". Alternatively, you might go to Control Panel> Scanners and Cameras, and double click the iPhone. It leads you to a wizard that helps you automatically convert and download all the .ITHMB files as .JPEG files, which are quite well supported by the Windows based PCs.

The common file open errors associated with the ithmb file extensions might be as follows:

1. Wrong file association, that means you might have associated the file format with an incompatible image viewing application.
2. Improper file transfer, might have occurred while you transferred the .ITHMB files from your iPod or iPhone to your system.
3. Bad or corrupt file, which usually stems from a Virus or Trojan attack. Also, the operating system of your iPod might have been responsible for this error.
4. Any mismatch between the versions of your image conversion application and the .ITHMB file to be converted also might result in a file opening error.

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